LEMAR is a pioneer in producing exceptional quality cycling apparel. We are truly passionate about creating highly innovative gear that looks smashing and fits like a glove.


Designed in Arnhem. Inspired by Crit racing. Born in Italy. LEMAR is a pioneer in high-quality cycling apparel. 

LEMAR…LEMondeARnhem. It came from the idea that Arhem has so much to offer for cyclists, it is like “the World for cycling”.

Crit collection

Crit ready technical cycling apparel.

Pioneer collection

Ride in comfort and look smashing on your coffee stop.

Classic styles

Stand out from the crowd.


That is what we stand for.

Quality Care

Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX®

Our products meet the Standard 100 by Oeko Tex ®. This label certifies that products are free from chemicals that could harm skin and body. The Standard 100 certification is not an environmental standard, although the environment too benefits from the absence of dangerous chemicals in the production process. 

LEMAR products can be worn directly from the factory, you can sweat in them for hours without the risk of a rash or other irritations. To achieve this level of production we comply with strict rules for the selection of our raw materials. Only the best sources are good enough


Inspired by classic styles and progressive techniques, our timeless collections are designed in Arnhem, the high fashion capital of the Netherlands, and produced in Italy, where our quality standards and aesthetics are guaranteed.

With our roots in criterium racing, we know exactly what is needed to design durable, comfortable and technically flawless cycling apparel.