Nijmegen adventure

As one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands there’s definitely something special about Nijmegen. It’s history goes back thousands of years and first started when the Romans built a city here, called Noviomagus. It’s always been inhabited ever since and today it’s a booming and beautiful city with an amazing skyline, next to a big river and some steep hills. Quite unique in our little flat country. 

As you can imagine the river (called the ‘Maas’) and the hills create some amazing opportunities to ride your bike. The almost never-ending twisting dikes are amazing to ride and give you almost endless views of the river and it’s delta, with miles of farmland spreading across the other side. It’s easily alternated with the steep and punchy hills on the other side where you’ll go up on beautiful green holloways, and you might even feel like you’re in the Limburg at some points. You’ll also find the infamous ‘Zevenheuvelenweg’ (seven-hills-road) here; an amazing stretch of road which continuously goes up or down over seven small hills.

And if you go towards the east you’ll get more open terrain and rolling hills, with amazing views and landscapes. The forest makes way for farmlands and before you know it you’re in Germany; it’s a border region and both nations flow into each other with hardly any visible border. Here you’ll find the Reichswald too, an old hilly German forest that’s right on the border. With it’s punchy hills,  bad asphalt and old pine trees it definitely has some Ardennes vibes and it’s more than worth checking out. 

1-3: The dikes and rivers around Nijmegen are a great place for riding fast on endless twisting roads!

4-6: The Ubbergse Holleweg is one of the most beautiful climbs of the area: steep, green, and paved with old red bricks. 

7: The infamous Zevenheuvelenweg

8-11: On the eastside the terrain gets more open and rolling, giving you some spectacular views!